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Kielder Challenge will be Clubmans Choice

Kielder Forest Rally

Outline plans have been revealed for the Cumberland Sporting Car Club’s Kielder Forest Rally, the new clubmans style event which will replace the club’s long-running Pirelli International Rally which has been the mainstay of their activities for almost 40 years but is now to be refreshed and overhauled to make the event more attractive to […]

Preparations Kicking Off for the 2020 Event

Paul Barrett

The Cumberland Sporting Car Club, organisers of the Pirelli International Rally, have had a major shake-up to their organising team with the long-standing Chairman, Brian Kinghorn, standing down, along with the club’s Treasurer Chris Walker and committee members David Love and Brian Davidson while Jonathon Lord also departs after 20 years exemplary service. Together, they […]