Armed Forces on the Attack

Armed Forces Rally Team
Much to the delight of rally all enthusiasts, the 2014 Pirelli Carlisle R B Foundation Rally seeds the welcome reappearance of the Armed Forces Rally Team and their distinctive, and totally unmistakeable, Land Rovers. Truly a sight not to be missed, the enthusiastic crews throw these unwieldly vehicles, someone once described them as “Having the aerodynamics of a brick”, over the twisting forest tracks, reaching unbelievable speeds while tilting at equally unbelievable angles , each driver knowing that the honour of their own particular unit is at stake. The Armed Forces Rally Team are now in their 51st year of rally competition, an era which has seen the vehicles grow from the half ton Lightweight model originally used to todays big Land Rover Wolf XD models with their powerful turbocharged engines. Led by the charismatic team Leader, Major Alan Paramore, the six teams are drawn from all branches of the armed forces, they have behind them a dedicated team of service personnel, all volunteers who give up their off duty time to keep the rally machines in tip top condition. The Land Rover crews traditionally run at the back of the field, they like the going to be tough, and the rally organisers are urging spectators to hang around to see the Land Rover crews in action, they are certainly spectacular, and to give them a special cheer.