MRF Tyres BTRDA Rally Series

MRF Tyres BTRDA Rally Series

The MRF Tyres BTRDA Rally Series is comprised of the following championships:

  • BTRDA Gold Star Championship
  • BTRDA Silver Star Championship
  • BTRDA Bronze Star Rally Championship
  • BTRDA Rally First Championship
  • BTRDA Historic Cup
  • BTRDA Production Cup
  • Rallye R2 Cup
  • Rallye R5 Cup

Visit the MRF Tyres BTRDA Rally Series website.


ANECCC SG Petch Rally Championship

The aim of the Championship is for the Clubman Competitor to have the opportunity to compete in some of the best rallies in Cumbria and the North of England.

Best 6 results from the 12 qualifying rounds available.

These will be spread as evenly as possible throughout the year.

The points scoring system has been made simpler, as we feel this is the easier method of scoring points for their respective vehicle class. Plus there is the joker card which each registered contender can use on any one nominated event of their choosing.

Visit the ANECCC SG Petch Stage Rally Championship website.

HRCR Motoscope Northern Historic Gravel Rally Championship

HRCR Motorscope Northern Historic Gravel Rally Championship

The HRCR MOTOSCOPE Northern Historic Rally Championship is a National B organised stage rally championship run in association with the Historic Rally Car Register for Historic Stage Rally Cars complying to MSA Historic Specifications and is also open to FIA Appendix K vehicles complying with FIA Historic Technical Passports.

  • Category 1 (pre 1968)
  • Category 2 (pre 1968-1974)
  • Category 3 (1974-1981)
  • Category 4a (1982-1985)
  • Category 4b (1986-1990)

Visit the HRCR Motorscope Northern Historic Gravel Rally Championship Facebook page.

MG3 Challenge

The MG3 Challenge is a one make series set up by Niall Cowan Jnr. The car specs consistent across all cars creating an equal playing field.

Visit the MG3 Challenge Facebook page.

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