Cheaper Kielder for Clubmen

Barry Lindsay
The organisers of the Pirelli International Rally, the 2nd round of both the Prestone MSA British Rally Championship and the Fuchs MSA British Historic Championship, have come up with an innovative concept for clubman competitors who may wish to sample the stunning Kielder Forest stages but don’t have the budget to do the full event, with two “Add On” rallies which will cater for those crews and give them an opportunity to be part of the weekends action. Nat B Five will feature a start in the centre of the Kielder Forest complex and will include, as the title suggests, five stages with an overall mileage totalling 58 stage miles plus the opportunity to take part in the Brampton town centre finish. Same day scrutineering and an entry fee of just £699 makes this an ideal event for the clubmen. For those on an even tighter budget or perhaps might want to do a bit of testing, NatB Two offers two stages totalling some 20 miles for just £299. Either event gives clubman competitors a great opportunity to be part of the scene and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Pirelli International Rally. The Pirelli International Rally takes place on Saturday 28th April, the event is based at H & H Borderway Mart in Carlisle. For full details on the event please visit our website at