Competitor Documentation

Want to know more about the Kielder Forest Rally? Then the documentation below will give you a brief overview of the rally.

As we get closer to the rally, more documentation will become available.

Rally Guide 1

Download - Rally Guide 1

Supplementary Regulations 2024

Download - Supplementary Regulations 2024

Latest News

Jaguar XJ-S to compete in Kielder Forest Rally

Ed Abbott has an impressive history in motorsport competing on stage rallies but mostly road rallies throughout the late 70’s and early 80’s. He would also found Abbott Racing Motorsport [...]

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Falstone stage returns to 2024 route

Absent from the 2023 Kielder Forest Rally route the classic Falstone stage returns in 2024. The stage is based north of Kielder dam above the village the stage is named [...]

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Regulations are now available for 2024

Regulations for the 2024 Kielder Forest Rally are now available at Once again, we will be based in the market town of Hexham midway between Newcastle and Carlisle on [...]

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