Competitors Timetable

The 2023 Competitors timetable will provide more detail on publication of Regulations.

Supplementary Regulations PublishedSunday 9th April 2023 
Open for Online EntriesMonday 17th April 202318:00
Entries CloseWednesday 7th June 2023 
Seeded Entry List PublishedSunday 11th June 2023 
Electronic copy of final instructions e-mailed outSunday 11th June 2023 
Trailer Park OpenFriday 16th June 202315:00
Noise, Scrutineering & Documentation OpenFriday 16th June 202315:30
Media Office OpenFriday 16th June 202315:30
Rally Office (HQ) OpenFriday 16th June 202314:30
Noise, Scrutineering and Documentation ClosesFriday 16th June 202319:30
Media Office ClosesFriday 16th June 202319:30
Rally office (HQ) ClosesFriday 16th June 202319:45
Start Times Published on the Sportity ApFriday 16th June 202319:45
Rally office (HQ) OpensSaturday 17th June 202307:30
Noise, Scrutineering and Documentation OpensSaturday 17th June 202307:30
Media Office OpensSaturday 17th June 202308:00
Noise, Scrutineering and Documentation ClosesSaturday 17th June 202309:30
First Car Starts from Hexham Auction MartSaturday 17th June 202310:00
First Car Finishes in Hexham
Awards presented at finish
Saturday 17th June 202315:44
Hexham Mart, Rally Office, Media Office ClosesSaturday 17th June 202319:00


Last updated: Sunday 9th April 2023

*The Organisers reserve the right to change any dates or times.