Historic’s Happy to Lead the Way

Pirelli International Rally
For the third year running, the Pirelli International Rally will offer historic and two-wheel drive crews the opportunity to run first on the road, ensuring smooth surfaces and the opportunity to enjoy the fast, flowing tracks in the Kielder Forest complex which are such a feature of the event. Using this well-tried format, which other events are now adopting, the organisers are hoping this will spark a great resurgence in historic entries. For 2018 the Pirelli International Rally, which runs on the 28th April, will welcome competitors in the Fuchs MSA Historic Rally Championship, the HRCR Motoscope Northern Historic Championship and, for the first time, entrants in Rally2 The 2WD Challenge and they will be presented with a short, snappy all action event with 4 stages totalling 43 miles of prime Kielder Forest roads, all first usage, all first on the road. A service point, after Stage 2, will be located in the Kielder area and within a short distance of the stages, cutting out unnecessary road mileage. The start will be from the rally’s base in Carlisle at the well known H & H Borderway Auction Mart with the first car leaving at 07:30 and the first car is due back there at 12:30 (approx.), leaving plenty of time for an onward journey home. For those who wish to make it into a longer day, there is the opportunity to rejoin the event for a further 26 miles of stages, this also gives the opportunity to take in the ceremonial finish in Brampton town centre.