Jaguar XJ-S to compete in Kielder Forest Rally

Photo by blue passion

Ed Abbott has an impressive history in motorsport competing on stage rallies but mostly road rallies throughout the late 70’s and early 80’s. He would also found Abbott Racing Motorsport Team with his brother which went on to win many Championships in British Saloon Car Racing over a 15 year period, on behalf of SAAB UK.

Ed competing in a 1276cc Austin A40 on the South West Stages 1976
Ed competing in a 1276cc Austin A40 on the South West Stages 1976

He would later return to his most beloved brand Jaguar. Starting out as a Jaguar apprentice and progressing through to Senior Jaguar Development Engineer, Ed would test prototype Jaguars at Browns Lane, Coventry and Mira test track and was in at the birth of the XJ6 Series 2/3’s, XJS and the XJ40, running test operations throughout Europe and Canada.

He now runs Abbot Jaguar and is increasingly seen as the authority on all early XJ-S and V12 engined models.

HERO Winter Challenge Monte Carlo photo by “Blue Passion”

At the ripe old age of 70  there is a bit of life in the old dog yet and he want to Celebrate 2024 with the XJ-S doing some “Big “ events to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the XJ-S. Since competing in Poland on the Winter Trial in February he has been updating the 5.3 litre V12 Engined Jaguar to rally specification. And is imminently going to Motorsport UK to get it’s Historic Vehicle Passport believed to be the first ever given to such car.

Luckily all the things he has learnt as a Jaguar Apprentice and Engineer are still being  put to use as he builds the car up. His business Abbott Racing has all the resources needed from when they built the Championship winning car between 1982-98.

In Ed’s own words “I love driving it, and trashing the nuts off it and proving to people that they are useful tools in Motorsport”!

Ed and the Jaguar XJ-S V12 will be competing on the Kielder Forest Stages Rally on Saturday 15th June. To enter the event or view the entry list visit

The Winter Trial in Poland photo by De Car Guys NL