Kielder Challenge will be Clubmans Choice

Kielder Forest Rally

Outline plans have been revealed for the Cumberland Sporting Car Club’s Kielder Forest Rally, the new clubmans style event which will replace the club’s long-running Pirelli International Rally which has been the mainstay of their activities for almost 40 years but is now to be refreshed and overhauled to make the event more attractive to the current generation of competitors.

Incoming Clerk of the Course, Steve Waggett, has some innovative ideas which include utilising some of the lesser-used tracks in the vast Kielder Forest complex which has hundreds of miles of superb rally roads that have been ignored for a number of years particularly those in the Falstone and Redesdale area which the rally has not previously visited. The intention is also to base the event within the Kielder Forest area with the start, finish and service area all located close to the C200 road that runs up the North Tyne Valley and provides excellent access to both the stages and the necessary facilities.

With the clubman in mind the event organisers are looking closely at keeping the entry fee as low as possible and are confident that without running at International status or the additional costs incurred by inclusion in the British Rally Championship, they can produce a competitively priced event offering approximately 50 stage miles for around £550. With a vastly reduced road mileage and a format which will see competitors able to turn up, scrutineer, compete and then head for home, all in the one day, the rally should prove attractive to competitors whatever their budget.