Media & Press

We are now accepting applications from the Media and Press for this year’s rally. Please use our online Media Application form to sign-up.

If you are a Level Two Media Accredited and you wish to operate outside of the designated spectator areas, please ensure that you have filled out the online Media Application form and then e-mail our Media Officer – Ed Graham ( by 21:00 on 13th June 2022, to let him know where you will be operating from.

The safety of everyone who is involved with, participates in or spectates at the rally is our top priority, and we please ask that you visit the Safety page of our website and read it thoroughly.

Please listen to the marshals – if they ask you to move or inform you that you are standing in an unsafe place, follow the instructions that they give. They are there for your safety and want to ensure that we run the safest rally possible.

If it is deemed that anyone is in an unsafe place and they refuse to follow the marshal’s instructions. Then the stage will be classed as being unsafe and as a result will be cancelled.

Please visit the Motorsport UK Media Resource Centre for further information and to apply for Media Accreditation for Motorsport UK events.

If you have any media or press related queries, please contact our Media Officer – Ed Graham.