Spectators Timetable

Please use the official car parks listed on this page. In doing so you are supporting Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team, a voluntary organisation whose members share a common interest in providing an important life-saving service 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. If you don’t use the official car parks, you are creating PR problems for the rally organising team. Please don’t park on the verges or block entrances.

These car parks give you access to some of the best viewing areas to see the cars in action. You can move between car parks if you purchase an “All Day Pass”. Remember, the car parking charge is per car, not per person. You can purchase your car park ticket in advance, by clicking on the button below, or purchase them at the car park gate when you arrive. (If purchasing a car park ticket on the day, please be aware that only cash can be accepted for payment).

A single car park is £10 per car, or an all day ticket (for all car parks) is £15 per car.

Purchase Car Park Tickets

Having been round the forest recce-ing the route, we can tell you that there are still thousands of trees down, damaged by Storm Arwen last November. There are areas that will never be cleared and roads that will never be re-opened because there are just so many trees down. Trees that are caught in or hanging from other trees represent a serious danger – and for this reason alone we cannot have spectators wandering around the forest. You will be expected to remain within the designated areas for this reason.

So, for your own safety, please use the official car parks. If you create PR issues for us, we will kill you and if you wander out of the spectator areas, the trees will kill you!!

Trees Down in Kielder Forest 1

Spectator Car Parks – Full Map
(View the Full Map of the Specator Car Parks)


Special Stage 1 – The Bower 1
(View Car Park A Map)

09:33First Competing Car Due Time


Special Stage 2 – Bewshaugh 1
(View Car Park B & C Map)

10:14First Competing Car Due Time


Special Stage 3 – Falstone 1
(View Car Park D Map)

10:59First Competing Car Due Time


Special Stage 4 – The Bower 2
(View Car Park A Map)

14:12First Competing Car Due Time


Special Stage 5 – Bewshaugh 2
(View Car Park B & C Map)

15:00First Competing Car Due Time


Special Stage 6 – Falstone 2
(View Car Park D Map)

15:38First Competing Car Due Time


Last updated: Wednesday 18th May 2022

*The Organisers reserve the right to change any dates or times.

Respect the Marshals
Warning Motor Sport Can Be Dangerous