Statement from the Organisers

Kielder Forest
The organisers of the Pirelli Carlisle Rally recognise the frustration of the BRC drivers this afternoon who have beaten the ‘Bogey’ times for stages 1 and 4. The Bogey times for UK stage rallying exist in the MSA regulations in order to maintain a maximum average speed of no more than 70mph on forest stages. The stages in Kielder are notoriously fast, but the experience of the organising team has always presented a first class test for drivers at the right average speed. However, it is many years since British rallying has witnessed such a competitive pace at the top end of the BRC, and the speed of the top drivers has enabled them to ‘clean’ some of today’s test. We are sorry that it has caused them frustration and we hope that it doesn’t detract from an exciting second day tomorrow. At this stage of the event, post recce, there is nothing that we can do to tomorrow’s route, within the MSA rules, that can make any difference to the situation.