The Pirelli Carlisle R B Foundation Rally will Definitely Run

Pirelli International Rally
With only 39 days to go before the Pirelli Carlisle RB Foundation Rally, our organising team is flat out preparing for what will be a great event. We are all saddened at the news from Rally North Wales, they were in the unfortunate position of having a large financial loss in 2013 after the snow forced cancellation, then having no sponsor for 2014 forced their break-even entry numbers to an unsustainable high level. As an event our financial position is a lot more sustainable, we have worked hard over the years to retain Pirelli as our main sponsor, we also receive valuable support from Carlisle City Council, they recognise the benefit of having a major sporting event in the city, so we thank them both for their support. We also enjoy support from a variety of subsidiary sponsors so we are not 100% dependent on entry fees, that said we are happy to state categorically, even if we only receive the same entry level as Rally North Wales (although we are confident it will be more) ‘THE PIRELLI RALLY WILL DEFINITELY RUN’ Pirelli 2014 has some great changes, new Rally HQ and Service Area right in the heart of the City, a City Centre start and finish with the City Council organising a fun day to bring in the crowds. Our stages are in great condition as we have had practically no frost this winter, there will be some new mileage never used by us before, some we have not used for several years, and what we have used before we have reversed so lot to look forward to. If you are intending to enter, regardless of which part of the event, please spare a thought for the organising team, put your entry in as soon as possible, it makes an enormous difference to us, we can order the correct amount of awards as an example, we can print the correct number of road books, lots of things we can be far more efficient at, but most importantly it shows respect for the team that work many thousands of hours to put the event on. All rally’s have been suffering from some crews waiting till the last possible minute (and sometimes beyond) to put in their entries, please show the organisers some respect and get your entries in, after all we put on the rally for you the competitor.