Tynedale the Target for Rallying Championship Challenge

Pirelli International Rally

Kielder Forest’s gravel tracks will again echo to the sound of high revving engines with April’s Pirelli International Rally scheduled to bring a host of hard charging, high speed cars to the area, the rally being a counting event in no fewer than four major championships encompassing cars from all eras. The event will unquestionably bring back memories of the 1960s and 70s when huge crowds flocked to  the are, blocking all the roads in the North Tyne area, to see the famous Lombard RAC Rally and a host of the worlds top drivers  passing through.

2019 marks Kielder Forest’s 100th anniversary and the organisers of the Pirelli International Rally are keen to mark the occasion, the event will be part of four major championships so there should be quite a line up when the rally arrives in Tynedale. The prestigious FIA Celtic Trophy will see a large contingent of Irish crews coming over to join the event while the British Rally Championship is packed with home grown talent, all out to win the coveted title and go on to a “Works” drive. The Fuchs Lubricants Motorsport UK British Historic Championship will see a large contingent of iconic cars from yesteryear such as Ford’s all conquering Escort, Hillman Avengers and the famous Mini Coopers, bringing a touch of nostalgia and memories of rallies gone by. These cars are still remarkably quick and are a great favourite with the large crowds of spectators who flock to see the action.

Although the Pirelli International Rally is based in Carlisle, all of the competitive action takes place in the Kielder Forest complex and the rally organisers, in conjunction with Forest Enterprise, will be providing car parks close to some of the best viewing locations.