Vroom with a View

Kielder Forest
Spectators attending this year’s Pirelli Carlisle R B Foundation Rally, will have an uninterrupted view of the cars in action after huge areas of the massive Kielder Forest have been clear felled leaving clear, open moorland sections with the cars visible for miles. The rally organisers have designated some great vantage points as “Spectator Areas”, each with clearly defined car parking space and as most of these feature high banking the hordes of enthusiasts who flock to the forest stages will be able to enjoy a great view of the spectacular, high speed, action. The best way to locate the rallies Spectator Areas is by purchasing one of the special rally programmes which are packed with information on where to see the cars, when they will be arriving , how to get there and where to park. The full colour, 44 page publication, also features biographies of many of the drivers taking part, a background look at the rally organisation and information on the MSA British Rally Championship and the Mintex British Historic Rally Championship, the Pirelli Carlisle RB Foundation Rally being a counting round of both series. The Pirelli Carlisle RB Foundation Rally runs over the weekend of 3rd/ 4th May and in addition to the all action stages there will also be a high profile city centre start from in front of Carlisle’s Old Town Hall where the cars will be on display prior to being flagged away by the city’s Mayor.